Vinita Bahri MehraVinita serves as the firm’s Asia-Pacific Team Leader and is qualified and licensed to practice law in both Ohio and India. She counsels corporate clients regarding a broad range of complex national and international corporate transactions and intellectual property issues.

Vinita represents numerous U.S. companies in international transactions on a wide variety of legal issues, including outsourcing agreements, joint ventures, greenfield projects, brownfield projects, logistics and distribution restructuring, exporting overseas, tax structuring, mergers and acquisitions, project finance, investment and divestment issues, technology transfer, licensing, intellectual property protection, and management and operational strategies. Vinita counsels non-U.S. companies on the legal and tax issues pertaining to undertaking new or expanding business operations in the U.S. Vinita also advises companies on federal trade compliance issues such as export control regulations, FCPA and more.

As leader of the firm’s Global Education practice initiative, Vinita has led dozens of education projects for institutions across the country doing business in nearly twenty of the world’s leading markets. She is savvy in guiding public universities through the complex regulatory and funding process involved in global expansion and is deeply experienced in leading private universities beyond their initial vision and onward to goal realization. While addressing the complex regulatory, tax and contractual issues at play, Vinita works with educational leaders and university counsel to devise and execute new market strategies, implement project development initiatives, and establish education support services and recruiting initiatives.

Vinita maintains a diverse domestic corporate practice, including matters related to business formation and structuring, M+A, and contract drafting and negotiation. Vinita is skilled in strategic counseling regarding the tax and legal issues important to firm clients when considering expansion into other markets.

As part of her comprehensive global business practice, Vinita counsels U.S. and international clients in the proactive protection and enforcement of their IP assets and in complying with global IP laws.